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Global Bank Regulation: Principles and Policies
Global Bank Regulation: Principles and Policies by Heidi Mandanis Schooner and Michael W. Taylor
English | 352 pages | (November 5, 2009) | 0126410038 | PDF | 2 Mb

Its focus on the prudential, global regulation of financial institutions drives this book's unique exploration of global policy principles. Integrating theory, history, and policy debates, it provides a high-level, strategic treatment of the regulation of global banking. With finely focused definitions and an intuitive scope, the authors pay particular attention to the international standards set by bodies such as the Basel Committe on Banking Supervision and the European Union.

By beginning with the main justifications for the prudential regulation of banks and concluding in 2009, after regulators had proposed significant solutions to the crash, this lucid and engaging account of the principles, policies, and laws related to the regulation of international banking explains why and how governments work so hard on a convergence of rules and regulations.

Defines the over-arching policy principles of capital regulation
Explores main justifications for the prudent regulation of banks
Discusses the 2007-2009 financial crisis and the next generation of international standards of financial institution regulation
Examines tools for ensuring the adequate supervision of a firm that operates across all time zones



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