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Diamond Cut DC8 8.15

Diamond Cut DC8 8.15 | 32 Mb

This version of Diamond Cut DC8, recovery tool (reducing noise, distortion, crackle, etc.) damaged films, videotapes and other seemingly irrevocably shattered carriers. The program includes a number of special tools Forensics, optimized for voice extraction from the carriers.

* New DC Custom Library
* New filter gain EZ
* Improved the filter impulse (clicks and crackles)
* Includes spectrogram
* Built-in CD recording drive
* WMA and MP3 support in filling the fields
* The advanced adaptive and spectral filters
* 30 groups, graphic EQ
* Automated FDAF (Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter)
* DSS (Dynamic Spectral Subtraction) in order to extract the voice from a very noisy record

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